I am offering you a 40 lb Soy candle kit. This kit includes everything you need to make top quality candles except for the containers. You can make 40 large 16 ounce candles, 80 medium 8 ounce or 160 small 4 ounce candles.  I only purchase from the finest Candles Suppliers in the USA. My fragrances are 100% pure and uncut.  If you choose my kits your finished product will be a superior candle with a great scent throw and long burning time.  My kits are custom made and will be made to your specifications after auction. 

 Plus as a bonus you receive two free gift bags so you can put your finished candles in them and  give them as gifts.  

Soy wax burns cleaner and longer than paraffin candles and is biodegradable and non-toxic, it does not emit carcinogens and produces little to no smoke.  Plus it helps out the American farmers that grow soy bean fields.

It is so easy to make soy candles, you don't need special equipment just melt your wax in the microwave add your color and fragrance and pour. To clean up just use warm soapy water.  It's a great project to do with children.  Check out my other items in my store  I will gladly combine shipping charges to save you money.  


This Kit Includes:

40 pounds of soy wax flakes for containers

40 one ounce bottles of top quality fragrances of your choice Fragrance list

160 pre-tabbed 100% cotton wicks (for 2 to 3 1/2 dia. jars)

160 wick stick-ums

160 warning labels for the bottom of your containers

10 Plastic Clips with 20 wooden sticks for centering 5 candles at a time with your wicks

40 Reddig-glo color chips of your choice from list Color Chips

Plus you will receive very easy step by step instructions for making your candles. 

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Picture is a 10lb kit you will get 4 times what is shown.